TFF: Bourbon Peach Cobbler

Bourbon Peach Cobbler
See that steam? That’s one hot cobbler, baby.

Last weekend was the local Peach Festival around here. It’s a pretty big draw every year, there’s never any place to park and the line of cars waiting to get in usually stretches about three miles. All of us want the same thing… to sample peach cobblers, pies, ice cream, salsa, and even slushies. The boyfriend and I always leave completely peached out, but still take home a huge bag wondering what we’re going to do with them all.

I was craving more cobbler after a few days passed by and I’ve had Tyler’s Bourbon Peach Cobbler recipe bookmarked forever. It was the perfect time to test it out.

Bourbon Peach Cobbler

I’ve still been out of the baking loop (and down a little over ten pounds now to show for it) and I felt really rusty being in the kitchen again. I was somehow tripling certain ingredients instead of cutting them in half (?) and rummaging around the cabinets not remembering my organized chaos ingredient placements. However, this was a good recipe to sort of get me back in the swing of things. It’s fast, easy and I could make it in just a few pans and bowls using basic kitchen utensils and my hands.

Bourbon Peach Cobbler

This cobbler is full of fresh peaches, has a thick sauce with a background note of bourbon and just the right sweetness and spice. The biscuits on top are brushed with heavy cream and sugar before baking and are perfect – crunchy on top, moist underneath. I’m telling you, you won’t even need ice cream to go on top of this (although I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt!). I didn’t use any simply because I didn’t have any in the house. The biscuit layers aren’t that overly sweet though, so be aware if you like things a little more sugary that you might want to add a little extra sugar to the dough or make sure you do have ice cream.

The only change I made was to adding a little vanilla to the peach filling. It seemed strange to me not to have any vanilla in the recipe.

I made half a batch and it was gone within an hour between the two of us.

I need more peach cobbler. Now.

Tyler Florence’s Bourbon Peach Cobbler
Show: Food 911 Episode: Chili Roundup

8 peaches, peeled and sliced, about 6 to 8 cups
1/4 cup bourbon
3/4 cup sugar, plus more for dusting
2 tablespoons corn starch
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
16 tablespoons (2 sticks) cold unsalted butter
3/4 cup heavy cream, plus more for brushing
Click here for directions

I do love this Tyler Florence, there’s no doubt about it.

Bourbon Peach Cobbler marks my 20th post for Tyler Florence Fridays, a group with the freedom to make any recipe of Tyler’s that they choose and then share their experiences every Friday.

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  1. Jessica replied:

    I love peach cobbler! Just thinking about it makes me homesick for Texas summers. That peach cobbler looks absolutely amazing — I might just have to give it a shot this weekend.

  2. girlichef replied:

    HOOOOOO WEEEEEE! This looks out of this world delicious! Great job…I am drooling over here!

  3. Ty's Mommy replied:

    Hey Karen! Congrats on being picked to be on Tyler’s blog this week! This dish looks amazing – excellent choice!

  4. Natashya replied:

    Love the peach cobbler. Glad you are baking again, you are the master! We would love to see more pics of the new baby(pup)!

  5. DebinHawaii replied:

    Such a perfect dessert for summer–I wish I could get good peaches here. Congrats on being selected for Tyler’s blog again! ;-)

  6. pam replied:

    Lovely! I have been craving a peach cobbler!

  7. Kim replied:

    What a cute post!! The pictures of the cobbler are phenomenal. Congrats on being featured again!! Glad to hear this is yummy. I’ve been wanting to try it, maybe without the bourbon. The hubby and I are not crazy about the flavor of bourbon in our food. Do you think it would still be a hit w/out the bourbon?

  8. Jenny replied:

    I keep meaning to make this, and just keep not doing it. Must be something wrong with me.

  9. This weeks TFF winner: Karen’s Bourbon Peach Cobbler at Tyler Florence replied:

    […] week we chose Karen’s Bourbon Peach Cobbler from Something Sweet By Karen. Sweet, delicious and seasonal – what more could you […]

  10. Amy (Sing for your supper) replied:

    Oh GOSH!! This looks absolutely amazing!! I saw him make this on the FN and fell in love with it. These pictures are making my mouth water!! Great job!

  11. chayacomfycook replied:

    I love that we make what we want in TFF because I get to see so many good recipes from Tyler and you gals and guys. This one is a winner and I think I have enough peaches to make it, after I make the applesauce bars with caramel frosting. This blog is not safe. It can keep you in the kitchen all day but thanks for that.

  12. tom r. replied:

    Your peach cobbler looks yummy! I like the cobbler that’s full of fresh peaches, the thick sauce with a background note of bourbon and the right sweetness and spice! The shots make me hungry! Good share!! ;)

  13. source replied:

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